Kids 6pc Play Tent and Tunnel Toy Jungle, Indoor & Outdoor Child Pop up Tent with Tunnels Playhouse, by Hide-n-Side

Hide-n-Side Tents and Tunnels are the perfect place to practice crawling, sensory processing and coordination activities. Also, a great place to just hang out! These vibrantly-colored, friendly-faced play house and tunnels make a lovely, bright and inviting place for kids to play. Children love to explore, play pretend inside and even to use them as a refuge from the light, noise and hustle of a busy home or classroom. Our tunnels are amply-sized so that even larger children can fit in comfortably, but they store compactly and conveniently in the accompanying bag, making them suitable for small homes, apartments or daycares. Collapses for easy storage with securing twist locks. Made from polyester with a wrapped steel spring frame sewn safely and securely into a fabric sleeve. These crawling tents and tunnels are designed for years of play! $120 VALUE!!! 1 x Triangular Play Tent: 40" Height – 46" Diagonal Base Width – $25 VALUE! 2 x Square Play Tents: 28" Height – 40" Diagonal Base Width – $20 VALUE EACH = $40 VALUE! 3 x Tunnels: 43" Length – 18" Diameter – $15 VALUE EACH = $45 VALUE! 1 x Lightweight, Compact Zipper Carrying Case – 21" Width/Length – $10 VALUE!