Let’s Natural Play Dough 24 Color Set – Great Gift for Kids

Fuel your child's creativity. This 24 color play dough set is perfect for children (and adults!) who want to play and sculpt. The clay is very soft and easy to mold. Each set includes 24 colors, 80g (3 oz) of each of the following: white, red, vermillion, bubblegum, light pink, light mauve, orange, goldenrod, yellow, spring green, kelly green, chartreuse, shamrock green, bright green, mint, violet, purple, magenta, black, brown, tan, peacock, royal blue, and blue. Purchase as a gift or add to your collection. Finished projects can be air dried to put on display.

Non-toxic – natural ingredients. Rest easy knowing that Let's Have Fun Play Dough is made from all natural, non-toxic ingredients. To ensure the human health safety, all Let's Have Fun Play Dough is manufactured from wheat flour. The bold, fun colors are made from natural pigments. Hypoallergenic, dermatologically-tested, and paraben-free! Dough is not gluten-free. No unnecessary chemicals are added to either the dough or packaging that is harmful to human health.

Instructions: If play dough is left open, it may dry within 3-4 hours (depending on humidity and temperature of environment). Store dough in closed container after play. To prevent large projects from drying, wrap dough in damp cloth. Add clean water to reconstitute dried dough.

This play dough set is shipped in its original box packaging, making it easy to wrap as a gift!

WARNING: not suitable for children under 3 years old due to the danger of tearing and swallowing small parts.

Inspire creativity and buy now!