The Creative Whale’s Marshmallow Clay – The Best Play Dough Toy For Kids

Hey, are you kids curious? 🙂
As parents, it can be tempting to prepare our kids for a "normal life":
• Be quite, learn the textbooks by heart, do as X or Y say… •
We believe that the path to happiness lies somewhere else. We believe that to be happy, kids have to be curious and imaginative, they have to discover and create things… And they can start right here, with the simplest tools, in the simplest way.

How can we help you and your kids?
It is our strong belief that every child should have the possibility to live an enriching life, even if they were never given such an opportunity. At Creative Whale, we develop tools and toys that foster kids' creativity, so they can carve such a life for themselves.

The simplest tools.
The marshmallow clay is a super fun-to-use play-dough. It feels just like marshmallow and will bend, stretch and mix anyway you want it to. The marshmallow clay won't give your kids superpowers. It is the first step towards a simple, creative and enriching life.

From Paris with love,
The Creative Whale team